Paul Venn: freelance interdisciplinary creative.

Freelance Interdisciplinary Creative
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Hello, please take a seat. Here you will find a selection of previous work, both commercial and personal. Please do get in touch if you have any questions, or would like to discuss a project.

Let's Start A Pussy Riot
Holly Simpson Business Cards
Things I Now Know About My Postman
The End Of Time
Insufficient Data For A Meaningful Answer
24 Hours Of Snow In South East London
Life And Death On A Scanner
The Flamingo Welfare & Behaviour Project
The May Event
ICON Yachts: Boat International
Building An ICON
International Tug Of War Day
ICON Yachts: Refits
ICON Yachts: Specifications
Norburton Hall: Grounds & Gardens
ICON Yachts: Monaco Stand